Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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My issue with sprint is very extensive and is going to take up a lot more room than what this comment box offers. It goes from billing errors all the way to being mistreated and lied to. I can provide documents, names, dates, and case #s.

The most recent incident with Sprint is due to a billing error that occurred on my account. I contacted sprints billing department to address the matter. The representative I spoke with at first was not knowledgeable about how to address the matter. All she could tell me was what the charges on my account we for and she was trying to validate them.

Unhappy with how she handled the matter I asked to speak to another representative. This is when a simple task starts to get blown out of proportion and drawn into a long 2 month process before it is heard. This representative is very rude and disrespectful with me. Told me I could not speak with a supervisor, calls me a liar, interrupts me while I am trying to explain my situation. And when I told him it was disrespectful to interrupt me he proceeded to tell me that it was ok to interrupt me if he thought it was ok. That is when I asked to speak with a manager, and he told me no, he didn’t not have to let me. I let him know that I was requesting to speak to his boss and he has to let me if I request. Instead of letting me speak with his supervisor, he muted the phone call, and leaves me sitting there for the next 2 hours until their office closed, then he hung up so I could not call back.

The next day I contacted sprint again. This time in regards to my previous billing concerns and mistreatment the night before. After being transferred to several different representatives I am finally transferred to a back office where I am talking to another representative. He says he wants to investigate my account and address any issues he finds with the account. He scheduled a call back with me and promised to call me in no less than 3 business days. I waited for a call back for over 2 weeks and never received one. Disappointed by this I call sprint again, just to be disrespected and treated like I didn’t know what I was talking about.

At this point it has been more than a month now. I have yet to speak with a single representative that is on the same page as the other. With no signs of getting to the bottom of this, I file a complaint with the better business bureau to get sprints attention. And the story goes on.

Ultimately this is not even the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been a sprint customer for over 7 years. This particular occurrence I am referring to is the most recent. There are other instances I can refer to as well and would like to document and get out in the open. There is an instance where sprint has hit me with charges on phone that were returned to them I perfect working conditions. The reason I was charged with them are because sprint claims they were never returned. They were and I have proof that my statement is true and that cost me $1,300. The list goes on and I want sprint face the repercussions of their mistakes, inconsistencies, mistreatments, and hidden charges.

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For the past 3 months I have been charged for services that I feel I should not have to pay do to the fact of how I am being treated. I don’t have the support team sprint promises to provide in the contract. My mistreatment with sprint is valid and documented. Sprint needs to take care of my last 3 bills, and moving forward provide me with the customer service a paying customer deserves. Or, they can let me out of the contract free of charge.

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