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I saw an ad that this company conducts background checks that are verifiable and they have experience in this business , I did a search on a man that I have been in a 10 year relationship with and he had been unfaithful with me so my trust was violated so I checked , the Information shocked me , I was informed that he was married in 2013, I had been in a relationship with this man since 2009 , so I went a little further into this information that of course will have you on a mission to find out more , I had to become a member in order to find more solid information , I contacted customer service and asked them whether this information is verified and his did they verify what upon I was directed to “” another background service company and of course had to pay for membership to get the marriage info verified , that’s when I started to notice that you can check on anyone hat is on his profile and their info, I did a search on my self and all the information about me was incorrect about 85% was false . I had the option to edit my info so I began to edit my info but there are certain areas that you cannot edit , they had my family members incorrect my children weren’t listed correctly they even had my email addresses on my ex husbands profile , they have me living in stars that I have never ever. Visited . My deceased mother’s birthdate was incorrect and listed as a relative of my ex husbands profile , they have my neighbors and associates listed with people I have never heard of in states I do not reside in. When you select a category to gain info on. The process states that the info it is being verified , then once completed the lists of incorrect information is displayed in which the consumer is being lead to believe that the information that is being displayed was verified , another problem is due to this disturbing information I was now estranged even more and terminated my relationship with the man that was “married” . The information that is public record was incorrect and completely veritable . I went a step further because they listed incorrect information on my current vehicle year and model I went ahead and added another vehicle to see if it was going to be listed and sure enough I now owned 2 Porsche’s ! One was mine. The other was a 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo . I’m planning on going back in and editing my income . This company is ridiculous

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I believe that this company is engaging in deceptive marketing , fraudulent information that cause damage to consumers , consumers are put in a burdensome position to have to correct indignation or delete the information altogether . I’d say this problem they created for me to info and repair is impossible I don’t see a me tart value placed on this type of attack on consumers integrity and reputation ,

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