Charter Spectrum Complaint

Published on June 5, 2019

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I have been overcharged the internet for five years! I’m a single mom of four, I attend two colleges with four classes each. Yep, that’s right single mom four kids ages 11-4 and four classes. I’m on low-income housing, food stamps….. My “temporary hardship”. I asked Charter about their low-income program internet for $20 a month. They told me they don’t t service my area. Then later my next door neighbor said they get Charters low-income program!! I only want what’s mine the minimal allotment for the portion of the overcharged fee! Not really asking for nothing but what I’m owed. I day real soon after I graduate this year I won’t be poor anymore and people who treated me bad because of my ” poor statues ” will be very sorry they messed with my kids. When people steal from me they have taken from my children Pleas help

E**** C****


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