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Published on June 5, 2019

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I was recently visited by a door to door salesperson on Memorial day (5-27-2019), his name was Dylan.. He lied to me during the visit several times during this visit (which I did not find out until later, after the DirectTV had already been installed). A technician showed up that evening (5-27-2019)at 7:20pm) and unhooked my current provider and installed DirectTV. the following morning at 8am when I arrived home from work is when I became aware of the first lie, as I had lost several channels by switching companies, which Dylan had showed me a list of the channels saying I would be getting them Two of which were the Travel Channel, and the Weather Channel). I called my current provider to cancel that service and was told about a class action lawsuit where DirectTV raises your price from the agreed upon amount of $47/money after 12 months instead of the full 24/mo (lie #2). Lie #3 I was told by Dylan that I had 45 to back out of the contract (which according to DirectTV rep today I only had 3 days to back out of it). He wrote down a toll free number saying it was AT&T/DirectTV office number, it is not their number it goes to some clearinghouse, which they stated they are sales reps for DirectTV (lie #4). There is other lies but I’m going to skip forward in this to save a little time and headache. I called my current provider and had them come out this past Monday (6-3-2019) at 7:45am) and unhook the DirectTV boxes and satellite dish and reinstall my original/current service. So I did not even have the DirectTV hooked up a full week (it was at least 11 1/2-12 he’s less than a entire full week). I have tried to call them since 6-3-2019 after my previous/current service was reinstalled to have then close the DirectTV account and either come pick up their equipment or tell me how to return it. I was not able to get ahold of them until today. During this phone call they tried to get me to keep it, they finally agreed to close it saying they would charge me a one time fee of $44.94 for closing early, and also sad the can not stop the signal until 6-25-2019. And that I must return the equipment by 7-6-2019 or I will be charged $135/piece for the Genie and the Genie mini. Surely they can tell even from there that the Dish is no longer hooked up to anything, and there is no reason they can not stop sending the signal until 6-25-2019, other than to make it look like I had the service longer than I have. They also sent me an email stating they are closing the account and charging me a one time fee of $240, and another fee of $240 for early termination.

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