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Published on June 6, 2019

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Xfinity mobile Advertisement clearly states everyone is eligible to bring their own phone (iphone only) no credit checks if I bring my phone over. Only qualification mentioned anywhere (including small print) is to have Xfinity internet service. Therefore, I dropped AT&T ordered Xfinity internet, Representative confirmed I was able to bring 3 iPhone over and ordered me 3 sims be delivered by Saturday May 25. SiMs cards did not arrive so I drove 30 minutes to nearest branch. Rep could not activate phones because AT&T still had them locked. That same day I called AT&T paid of 2 installments for $379 each on two iPhone 8s and $970 on a iPhone XM (note: these were free phones i would not have had to pay for if I kept them activated with AT&T for 9 more months) A few days later I spent hours on the phone with numerous reps and finally a Supervisor. The Supervisor informed me my credit was pulled and i did not qualify. I never authorized a credit pull and it was not required. Supervisor agreed with me and could not answer why they pulled my report and why I was rejected service. Important to note: I recorded the conversation with a rep and the Supervisor. Both conceded the advertising is misleading and they there have been memo’s addressing issue.

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