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Published on June 6, 2019

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On May 17th 2019 I went to my bedroom on the 2nd floor and turned on the TV. It came on but I had no picture. I had closed captioning but nothing else so I new it was not my TV. I then tried rebooting the system and it was still the same. I then dialed 611 tech support and explained the issue. The guy on the other end tried rebooting my system again. It was still the same. He informed me that I had a bad mini cable box and needed to be replaced. He said his earliest appointment he had was May 19th between 4 and 8 pm and that there will be no charges for this service. I agreed. When the tech arrived on Sunday the 19th at about 6pm he came in and ask me what the problem was? I kinda lost it and said ” what your dispatcher does not tell you why your going to a customers house”? He just mumbled something and I told him what the issue was and he went to work on it. About half an hour later I was in my living room watching TV and I saw him coming down the stairs through my french doors. He said to me ” Your all set”. I said thank you as he exited out the front of my house. Now two weeks later I receive my bill in the mail that shows an $ 80.00 dollar service call fee for the day of the 19th. I got right on the phone and called Optimum. They told me I had to file a dispute and that someone would contact me 24-48 hours later. Well, 48 hours came and went. I called back to find out what was going on with my dispute. They told me that they had no record of it. I was furious. I was told that after they looked into it that it was a valid charge because the technician had to replace some of the wiring in my house. I said to them I started this service on February 20th 2019 and that at time of installation the tech at the time rewired everything to work with their system. So how can the wiring go bad in 3 months? Furthermore when this technician left my house on May 19th he said nothing to me or made me sign paperwork to make this a valid charge. I was so furious after talking to one of their so called supervisor that would not budge and credit my account that I said that I will be canceling and they can hold there hand on their “”” for the $ 80.00 dollars. My account # is […] just in case Altice has a change of heart.

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