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Published on June 7, 2019

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Apparently a security issue flagged my account and there customer service agents even the supervisors have nothing they can do. I can provided all legal documents and validate that what caused the flag was infact me but they state there is still nothing they could do. Ontop of this all the options they give me are not valid for someone who is in my position, a struggling transgeder woman with serve depression and suicidal tendencies. They have stated that I can make a bank account to put the money into, they have stated that I can get a debit or prepaid or credit card which I have no funds or credit to do so. They have stated I can withdraw the money from walmart for a fee but I lack the data on a phone and transportation to get to walmart. But they cannot accept my legal documents to prove that the flag of security was not a flag despite the fact that it is common practice by every other bank in the world that I can prove my account is secure with legal documents. Also my paypal account is completely verified.

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I want money for the distress this has caused me along with the issues it has caused with my ability to pay for basic needs such as food, as I sell my drawings online and offer lessons to people to make any tiny bit of money I currently can since I have not been able to hold down a job due to my depression and am filing for SSI.Ontop of that I want them to fix there flawed security program that apparently even there highest of supervisors cannot do anything about, that apparently there security software is holding my money hostage.

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