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Published on June 8, 2019

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Adult child moved g9 to my account (from his ex’s), then week later she in front of Topeka law enforcement demands phone back knowing full well it is moved already! He called sprint to start using an old i5C that I had laying around, some guy at sprint took the number off the g9 & switched it to the i5C, which never should have been done, now I was trying to set i5C on a new number and they are saying that i5C is her(ex’s) phone!

Long story short spent December to March to fix that! They had said I would get a refund in 60-90 days I still haven’t seen that!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund at the least, they should pay me for the HOURS I HAVE SPENT ON THE PHONE WITH THEM AND FOREIGN EMPLOYEES worst service ever!!!! Ask for supervisor still not getting anything done, then to see them pay a spokesman that was with Verizon just makes me puke!

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