Ally Financial Complaint

Ally Financial Complaint

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My truck was repossessed. Ally took my $2,800 to get it back, I went to the impound lot in Little Rock, AR to get it back and it was gone! I called Ally and was only able to speak with foreigners who told me they had it picked up and sent to auction by mistake anyway. All they did at that time was give me phone numbers to different auctions in OK, TX and TN to try to locate the vehicle myself and be expected to go out of state to get it MYSELF and only told they could send me an email complaint form. I called EVERYDAY with no result, my girlfriend who has worked at a car dealership for 13 years even exhausted all her contacts at Ally, still with no help or result, we posted on facebook and received replies but no result, we even found the names of high ranking people at Ally, I emailed the CEO of the company and got no response. For 16 days they didn’t know where the vehicle was and getting ZERO help from them. I eventually located the vehicle myself with the help of an angel from one of the auctions I contacted. Turns out the truck was sent to a different online auction than the phone numbers I was given. I then took time off work and spent my own money to go to Memphis, TN only to get there 10 minutes to late & have to miss work again the next day and spend more of my own money to go back to get it again. The truck was missing and gone for 17 days from the time Ally took my $2,800. I had no ride to work and had to pay people to bring me to and from work each day. The transport company who picked up the truck from the impound lot were unhelpful as well in trying to locate it. In the 17 days that my truck was gone, Ally took my money and wrongfully took my vehicle at NO time did ANY ONE EVER offer me a rental car or offer to credit my account for services not rendered. Only a couple of people I talked to even seemed sorry about it, but sorry or not NOTHING was done about it!

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