Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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Hey my name is Jacobe and in the past week Ive been having unpleasant experiences with Airbnb. The problems started on June 5th when I booked a reservation at the Rosemary. The host was renovating the place and it left a smell in the air that gave me a bad migraine. I was forced to stay the night, as airbnb was unable to book me another room. The company only reimbursed me 50% of my money back and gave me a sympathy coupon of $25 off for my next stay. I proceeded to book a two day stay for the amount of $400 which was voided by the host. This act caused the $400 to be taken out of my account not to be reimbursed for another 5-10 business. I let the company be aware that I was low on cash and that they took my money I had allocated for a place to stay. They were not helpful at all with expiditing as they have for me in the past. Short on funds and unaccompanied with a place to stay I had to book another listing for another $400 which caused my account to go into the negative days later. Since then not only have i been short on funds but I have not been able to do any business as my account is in limbo. This mishap has cost me thousands of dollars. Furthermore, I used my personal card to book new listings because I’m still in need of a place to stay and more problems occured. From June 8-10 I stayed at the Orsini through Airbnb. The listing was unsanitary as it was a pair of underware left in the bathroom on the spout. I let the host be aware of this along with a long list of other things that were wrong like the bed being broke and he was unresponsive.I tried reaching out to him for a full day through phone calls and messages before I called corporate. I told them that I would give them one last chance to make good with me before i took it up with a higher authority. They gave me another measly coupon of $50 which I used to book another home. The host accepted my funds but upon my arrival to the listing they ghosted. Leaving me outside in 100 degree weather. I called airbnb and let them know about this situation and after hours of talking to a service manager they were unable to book me another reservation. They called back hours later to tell me that they found me a hotel. I arrive at the hotel and they tell me that i needed a card on file for incidentals which i didn’t have because my account was in the negative due to airbnb. I called airbnb they said they would try to find another solution but failed to call me back leaving me to have to sleep on the stairwell of the hotel. I am disheartened, I am hurt, I am sad, I am confused as to why they would do this to me.

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I would like to sue this company for loss of wages, public humiliation, and pain and suffering.

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