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Published on June 11, 2019

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My and husband and I spent weeks challenging a bill. I spoke to customer service for ATT and after arguing with the guy for a while he says the problem is with Directv. He transfer me to Directv. The lady adjusts my bill and gives me the amount. I asked her if that is the full amount. She assures me yes and would I like to pay it now. I said are you sure that is the full amount. She assures me again yes. I get my card and pay by phone. Weeks later, I get a collection notice in the mail. I call them. She said she was going to close the account. Last month, I get an email from Credit Karma that someone put a negative response on my credit and to check it. I check it and it is a different collection company on behalf of ATT and for the amount we previously disputed. I sent in the bill that was sent and a copy of my statement where they withdrew the amount. I spoke to the lady at Diversified Consultants Inc. and she said well that was just one part of the bill. I said no. I spoke to both departments and was told this is what I owe. I am getting the run around and they are messing up my credit.

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