American Heritage Federal Credit Union Complaint

American Heritage Federal Credit Union Complaint

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I came to the bank and asked what some transactions were on my account and they were coming out of fort worth texas and i reside in pa. So the bank tellers say they cant tell me what they are either so i would have to get a paper filled out for the transactions that I was inquiring about a one eric m***** calls and says they were bank transfers which it did not say on my bank statement but i told gin they were my transactions and never thought if it. I then go to use my atm card only to find that I cant use it so i call the bank and a nina i believe tells me that my other account was closed and my account in which im recieving my sons disability is clising july 1,so i ask why and she says for fraud. I ask her how is it fraud if i see a transaction i dont know what it is and I ask? They keep transferring me to the eric person who is so rude abd disrespectful its sad ,and he is telling me that they are closing my acct because they dont want my business.mind you they just took over my bank and has been a night mare in 10/2017 . I was always able to pay my bills and access my money thru apex credit union and since ahfcu has taken over i hsve been treated so poorly its not even funny ,im going thru problems with telechex and everyone and I never have been treated this way.

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I feel they should offer a very fair settlement along with an apology for their staff and how they treated me.

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