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Published on June 12, 2019

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Upon signing up for La Fitness’s personal training as well as a membership with the gym itself I was told that I would be paying for a year of PT for a one time payment of $400. I was never shown the contract with which I was signing, only the electronic pad to sign it AS the associate was “reading” off the contract to me. I was then billed $400 every single month and accrued +56 sessions in my account. They had tried to trick me into downgrading said account to only paying $200 a month, despite the fact I already have these sessions. Upon speaking with Customer Service they stated that if I were to cancel the payments I would then lose those 56 sessions, the ones I already paid for and would not receive that money back.

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I really only want my money back for the 56 PT sessions that are credited to my account.

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