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Published on June 14, 2019

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On 4/24/2019 Wednesday, I went to LA Fitness started a gym membership. Under the recommendation from the staff, they talked me into a tryout of a free personal training session (PTS). I just want to sign up for a simple training session, I didn’t even wanted a session that day, but they insist I have the free session at that time, so they can pull the high pressure sale. I personally never into physical development, I never had any paid membership of any gym. When I sign up for the member, during the consulting session at the beginning in the Alina’s office, I mentioned and emphasized multiple times that I am not interested train myself into muscle guy or running marathon, I am only here to improve my health and enhance my immune system. I never had or would have any intention to sign up for multiple long-term session. I was only interested in a short-term trail. I even told them 4 sessions a month is too much for me numerous time. When they told me they only have 6 month or 12 months contract, I told them neither of them fit me, both are too long for me, and I was ready to leave. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone seems little rushed and become impatient, started to question my intention to get work out. I explain again that, I am just here to improve health, and not look into any complicated training session. Then gentleman decide to reduce the session to 3 / month, and I was under the impression I am only signed up for two month, and I signed the contract with them. But I didn’t find out the contract was stated for 12 months till someone from LA fitness called me and asked about my training experience. Both Alina and gentleman knew that I would never agree to 6 months and 12 months, that part of the contract was never made it clear out to me. Also I thought it was odd that, they decided a training session contract for me before perform any serious health and medical evaluation on me. I visit them on 5/1/2019 to cancel the contract, They denied my request.

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I demand Full Refund and cancel the contract. Because: I had never started or used any session nor I would in future, (except the first free session which is offered before I signed the contract). LA Fitness made numerous misrepresentations. LA Fitness misrepresented the length of the contract session LA Fitness mislead me, Relying on Defendant’s misrepresentations, I entered into a contract that doesn’t fit me, nor good for me. LA Fitness’s conduct is unfair and unconscionable violation of the Consumer Sales Practices Act Also I would like to add that, after the first free initial session, I had been sick since morning after, my throat experienced a series uncomfortableness, and I have been coughing for entire week, and still ongoing.

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