Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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Last March I was in Houston TX, I read adv for sprint about Galaxy s9 just pay 5$ for 18 months and the device is yours, that time my phone provider was Metro pcs, I went to one of stores of sprint and the representative start to describe the promotion to me to switch from Metro pcs to Sprint,

Representative explained to me how can I make international calls for unlimited plan and just pay 93$ monthly and you can call your family and friends in your country whenever I want .

Few days I call the customer service about coverage and I ask again about international calls they said you can call and I ask about the charges they said you have a plan just pay your plan 93$ and the international calls is unlimited and I keep calling to my family and friends.

Few days later I login to my account online, in my dashboard I saw like warning and about 3000$ with note to call customer service, I call right away and it was in memorial day.

I spoke with one of the customer service representatives and his answers is : dont worry about the amount in your dashboard that’s your calls and sprint going to pay this amount not you , you just pay your monthly plan 93$ and happy memorial day, you can listen to call records for that day.

Also I keep call my friends and family because my line has unlimited international calls,

Few days later the bill is coming with 4482.82$

I call again the customer service, they said this time yes , you have to pay and your international calls is charged and its not free .

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