HughesNet Complaint

Published on June 18, 2019

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I moved from Virginia Beach to Exmore VA. I wished I had done due diligence research. I usually do but did the human thing and trusted to wrong advice. I even purchased all of the equipment (well over $400.00) because I had an old fraud alert on my Equifax from when the 5 million breach and they denied me credit. (My credit is fine). I just desperately wanted internet service and was told this is the best. At my address I have since found I have 4 other choices all of which are far better and cost less. My service has been horrible. So 1 month in and I am told I have to call to cancel and that I will be fined $00.00 early termination. I was told going in it is month to month no contract. How can I be fined 400? If I go with their suggestion this will be a $1,000.00 lesson plus another several hundred to have the 350 dollar dish removed from my roof and hauled off.

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