United Complaint

United Complaint

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They didn’t give me the option of not checking my bag. My bag was a backpack the size of a personal item and the made me check it. Then it managed to get lost/stolen. I was told it was most likely stolen after it got off the plane and before the carousel aka stolen by the airport employees. I’ve called the airline and they did not assist me what so ever, only thing I got them to help with was “changing my address” and giving more descriptions of my bag for my account and these changes were never changed in my account. They also had me applying for a voucher to go on a different flight then after I arranged my ride from the airport and was getting a new flight they changed their mind. I’ trying to file a claim for my lost items but it wont let me list them all. calling isn’t getting me anywhere, ive gone to the airport and they want me to file a police report so I don’t have to blame the airline. I’m just upset with the fact that they made me check my backpack. I’m never flying with united again, and now none of my friends or family want to.

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I would like to file a claim for items lost but the claim site doesn’t allow me to files for all the items I’ve lost. I would like a refund for my items lost $2,800 and reimbursement for my flight. I’m never flying with them again. I would make an exception if they gave me a flight voucher but ill never check a bag.

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