American Airlines Complaint

American Airlines Complaint

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My name is F**** C**** and the passenger is my 15 years old daughter […]. The booking reference is ****** and ticket number […]. Flight Number is BA 1589 operated by American Airlines Departing from DFW to LHR, connecting to another flight to a final destination of LOS (Lagos). A*** was supposed to travel on May 22nd from DFW to LHR and connect to her flight to LOS, her final destination. She was denied checking in because she was holding a LAISSEZ-PASSER in the place of her expired BENIN passport. A Laissez-Passer is a valid travel document issued by the Benin Embassy in Washington and this is used to reach the country where you can renew your passport. I have used the same document to travel on American Airlines on May 2nd 2019 from Houston to my connecting flight in London. I have no idea why the agents at DFW won’t let my daughter fly with the valid and official document she is holding. A customer service even suggested she needs a transit visa which is completely irrelevant because A*** is just connecting from london to Lagos. Laissez-Passer is a document that is used daily by international travelers in this kind of circumstance. I requested that someone reaches out to the Benin Embassy to find out what is a Laissez-Passer, make necessary research and stop unjustly denying my daughter travelling, yet nothing was done and we can’t even speak with the station manager. This is not just and it is not fair and I demand justice for my daughter. Passengers don’t need to pay for Agents’ lack of knowledge. An agent suggested that we need to proceed with a law suite if we want A*** to travel. In this process, A*** has missed her cousins’ first holy communions celebrations, her father’s birthday celebration in Benin, her grandmother’s birthday celebration in Benin, her aunt’s birthday, the vacation plans prepared for her in Benin by her grand parents and her mother, and the reunion with her mother that she has not seen since May 2013. I demand justice for this maltreatment of my children and the emotional stresse caussed for A*** and the entire family awaiting to see her again after 6 years. I can be reached at 1-804******* and my email is **** Please, let me know if you have any questions that could help resolve this issue. I can provide copy of my personal Laissez-Passer I have used on May 2nd to travel on the same flight and copy of my expired passport showing the entry stamp on my Laissez-passer too.

Best Regards

F**** C****

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Pay a reasonable monetary compensation for the numerous damages (including psychological and emotional damages) caused to A***, myself, her mother and the rest of the family, by their action of unjustly denying my daughter boarding the plane. These are events we can not go back and recreate and we missed them forever. In addition, they we need an open ticket good for a year that A*** can use to prepare another trip to visit her mother and the rest of the family in Africa, when we determine the appropriate time.

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