American Express Complaint

American Express Complaint

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I have a charge card. Which I wasn’t aware of. When I called in Mar2018 I was told that my card was special and needed time to follow my spending habits before allowing minimum payments. At this time I paid $14k since I believed what the rep told me. 8months later I figured I was good and charged $5k even though I had other cards that had that available balance. I was waiting for a minimum payment to appear and it never did. I called and tried to make payment arrangements and I was told by one rep that claimed to be a supervisor that she would take care of it and not effect my credit. However, now it’s affecting my credit even though I paid it in full writhing 60days. I was without income at my contract job for two months and savings wouldn’t allow me to pay all bills fully. Only minimum payments.

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I want my credit to be corrected for all the lies they told. It is my only late payment in the history of my credit reporting.

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