Gold’s Gym Complaint

Gold’s Gym Complaint

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I was signed up over the phone and was told I had a period of time to cancel. I was given false information about what amenities were at the gym closest to me. Once I realized they didn’t have these amenities, I called the person that signed me up to cancel, well within the period I was given. I left him multiple voicemails and multiple text messages and none of them were answered. I thought it was over until I realized 14 months later that they had continued billing me. I then called to cancel again which they said they couldn’t do over the phone and I would have to drive to Glendale. Then I spoke with a supervisor who said he would cancel the account. This was four months ago, and they’ve continued to bill my card even though I’ve blocked payments and now they’ve reported me to a credit agency.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Reverse all payments, and fix the credit agency issue. I’d also like punitive damages for the harassment they’ve put me through.

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