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Published on June 21, 2019

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I am staying in a longterm airBnB while interning in Chicago for the summer, from June 15 to August 23 (about 10 weeks). There have been several small issues to which the hosts have been responsive (broken lock, for example). However, the airBnB said it has a “washer and dryer in building, for free or for a fee” as an amenity when I booked, and it is still there. The description also said there was laundry in the basement when I booked. I texted my host yesterday how I could access the basement laundry, and he replied that there was no laundry anymore. I then called airBnB customer service because their guest refund policy says they would refund and help rebook a place if a service is missing. The refund policy is within 24 hours of check-in, but I am in a long-term stay and regardless of this, the case managers I have talked to have not brought this up but instead have discussed with me the technicality that since it is a building amenity and not the owner’s, it is “unfortunate” that this happened. They have offered no way to help me on many different occasions. The owner said there is a laundromat around the block, but I checked and there is not. I would have to walk 15 minutes. But this is not the major issue. I paid for a service for which airBnB takes a profit, I was lied to, and they have offered no assistance to me. My suspicion is that they do not want to proceed with their official policy because my stay is 70 days and totals almost $2400 and it would be difficult to rebook me, but that is not fair. I booked through airBnB for security of my purchase, but they have offered no support at all.

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Offer a full refund and assistance finding a new place, which is what their website states they will do if something is missing or inaccurate.

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