AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on June 21, 2019

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When I first started with AT&T they promised me free phones no device payments of any kind free activation they promised me to be a certain amount a month which it wasn’t I had to negotiate with them and get them to get down to where they said so I actually got the price down but then they messed up when they first tried to activate it and they activated the cards I sent with the wrong card for the phone and then they activate two more cards and they poured over my correct number so I had six phones on the account and then instead of fixing it it is opened a new account fraudulently and told me the other one is closed so then they forced me to be in collections to try to get the old account closed and now they’re saying they’re working on it so I can’t upgrade do anything pay my bill and keep my old phones which is not what I want to do every time I call him I can’t get a straight answer all I do is pass me around turns me different people there working on closing this fraudulent account that they created they created the problem and now they’re trying to charge me device charges on payments device charging payments on phones I’m using currently because they’re saying they canceled my old account so now they’re trying to bill me for phones that I’m using on their services on the new account they frogs only corrected or setup

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