Xfinity Mobile Complaint

Xfinity Mobile Complaint

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We were on our sisters account for telephone service through Xfinity Mobile, we received on phone in September and October of 2017. When you missed your payment after the twelve day grace period, you would have to pay half of next months bill on the payment you missed. In December of 2018, K**** J****, who was renting the iPhone 8 through Xfinity Mobile switched to Sprint, but she wanted to keep the same number and keep the device and continue to make the 29.16 payments a month, since she was almost done. It took Xfinity almost two months to switch the phone number over and deactivate the service on the iPhone 8. I, K**** J****, was renting the iPhone 8 Plus through Xfinity Mobile. In January of 2019 I experienced my phone service never being suspended even though I failed to pay the payment. Xfinity Mobile continued to stack payment after payment, until our final payment reached $1106.00. During those times we tried to call to figure out why service was never suspended and the representatives with very bad customer service skills would always say “we are experiencing technical difficulties or we have cases.” They were never able to provide a reason has to why I still had service without making payments on the plan. Until June of 2019, my phone mysteriously was cut off, and after calling thousands of representatives, being lied too, or hung up on, I learned the phones were shut off because they are doing audits this month. I found that Xfinity had no fault in the high phone bill, and they wanted us to pay 1106.00 to restore the service on the iPhone 8 Plus. They have charged us twice for devices and still feel as though they are valid and we are at fault. One representative asked me “why are you just now calling us about your phone being shut off, you did not find it odd that you had service even though you know you did not make the payment.”

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I would like the form of a payment plan, a store credit, and better representatives with great communication skills.

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