Suddenlink by Altice Complaint

Published on June 25, 2019

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I had my service originally installed about 2 months ago. While my tv worked, my internet only worked for 3 days out of the 16 days I supposedly had service.

I had a tech come out and the issue wasn’t resolved. They said it was due to a box malfunction outside.

Then I was told that was resolved but had issues with the connection between the box and my place.

I’ve since that time cancelled. Had a tech come 3x to tell me that it cannot be done till stuff if fixed outside my building.

They said that I have a credit of over $120 since that was the amount I put down for my deposit.

Almost two months and I haven’t seen a penny of my money back.

I’ve called tech service and the company numerous times. They’ve promised to resolve it but have hung up on me more than 20 times.

They’re a very crooked company and they’re scammers. Don’t pay them a penny until your service is installed and it up an running properly.

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