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Published on June 26, 2019

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During the month of October 2017 I entered into an agreement with AT&T/DirectTV for telephone,internet and cable TV service. I was promised the I could retain my telephone number one week after installation service. I was given a temporary telephone number for what should have been one week. The number that was given was one that belonged to a former customer with the “ALICE P.” Whenever I called someone, “ALICE P.” showed on there caller ID, so many of the calls I made were not answered by my friends and contacts. As of this correspondence, many of my contacts and friends are lost. I visited the AT&T office to voice my complaint I was told that it would take another month,and my former telephone number would be restored. A month passed, the number was not restored. Again, I returned to the AT&T office and I was told that it would be at leased a “YEAR” before I could retain my old number. At that time I knew I was being taken. I started the contract with a AT&T,DirectTV promotional. The payments were to be $130.00 per month for the first year. Within a eight month period, my payments changed from $130.00 to $176.49 to 269.60. I did not request Sunday Football Ticket; It was added to my account without my permission or knowledge. And If I wanted Sunday Football Ticket, there were four months left on the one year promotional. The Sunday Football Ticket was to free for the promotional period. Next, while installing the internet portion of the agreement; my computer hard drive was apparently damaged. The following programs were lost: “WORD’, “WINDOWS 10” and some important files. I repurchased WORD at the price of $149.00. The estimated cost of WINDOWS 10 is approximately $199.00. The computer only operates for a few minutes and crashes. When restarted, it crashes. Out of frustration, and receiving a $269.60 bill from DirectTV I canceled my contract being, that I never received the promised service from AT&T and DirectTV. They did not render the service they promised. I was told that there would be an early cancellation fee. I refused; I will not pay a cancellation fee for services they never provided. I am the victim in this matter. I also requested the company remove the DirectTV antenna from my roof and restore the area it was mounted to it’s former condition to prevent water leaks. There has been No response from AT&T,DirectTV to date. They failed to honor their contract agreement.

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