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Published on June 27, 2019

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account is hotel business account from 2009 paid till june 2019 officially paid for more than $30000 so far to directv with protection plan …suddenly third party dealer shuts off service from remote location….in last 10 yrs we have no control over account ,( no login or anything Directv said you cant login in business ac) so whatever they are advertising and publishing on papers are wrong after shut down account without notice …we have to shut down hotel …No one rent hotel room without tv and no provider to this area …we file with FCC and state attorney general of IL

1 Loss of access to business-critical information

2 Damage to company reputation

3 Temporary loss of ability to trade 


The rest, in order


Loss of contracts and/or business opportunities in the future

Costs associated with professional help to remedy loss (e.g., legal costs)

Cost of additional software and/or infrastructure to prevent future problems

Competitors obtaining previously confidential data (e.g., intellectual property, financial, or strategic.)

Financial losses caused by reimbursing or compensating clients

Damage to credit rating

its a legal business account

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