Wells Fargo Complaint

Wells Fargo Complaint

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Wells Fargo bought my car loan from a third party. The paperwork got held up by CA DMV due to in completion , missing information to be provided to DMV for registration, therefore causing the current registration to expire. Because of this, we couldn’t drive the vehicle . We called many times to Wells Fargo, made multiple cases with them, only to have them close the cases, stating that everything was satisfactory. We were patience, waiting, kept going to DMV to check if the registration was complete only to be told that DMV is waiting on Wells Fargo. This took 6 mos. and an email from me to their VP to get this issue resolved 6mos. So in the meantime, I kept on making the monthly car payments to Wells Fargo because I did not want my credit to go bad. I kept the car insured as well. So for six months I insured the car and make payments on time to Wells Fargo only to keep the car garaged because I was did not receive current registration and tag. I complained to Wells Fargo ,requesting some sort of compensation .. They denied my claim of $10K. reimbursement for 6mo. car payments,insurance and other incurring expenses . I had to purchase another vehicle in the mean time so that I can drive to work.

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reimbursement for 6mo. for all incurring expenses due to not being able to register vehicle and drive

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