American Complaint

American Complaint

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1. My parents (73 and 70 years old couple) travel from Spain to DC to visit their grandchildren with great effort after having suffered two heart attacks and travel fear therapy, and no knowledge of English.

2. I bought a series of tickets, and due to the difficulty of connect the itineraries of parents/kids/myself, I spent more than 2 hours on the phone with an agent to find the best combination- for my parents (Madrid-DC-Madrid) traveling with my kids (DC-Madrid-DC). I will be travelling later (DC-Madrid), but returning with my kids from Madrid to DC.

3. I contacted an AA travel agent in March (in advance) to book my parents flights with miles and buy flights for my kids (2) and myself. I paid approx. US$1200/each ticket for even a non-direct flight!!! and when they were issued, I realized that they are in basic economy, so luggage was not included. FIRST AA NEGLIGENCE: the agent never explained that

4. On Monday June 17th, my parents and kids took the flight (AA 1815) to Madrid via Charlotte. My father carried the medicine needed just for a 2 day-flight. The rest was inside the suitcase checked following the recommendations of the AA webpage. Departure time was 3.30 pm, but after more than 6 hours inside the plane just providing some snacks and a glass of water, the flight was finally cancelled. During those hours, my father felt anxiety and fear and I spoke on the phone with the air hostess (also my kid explained to her) to remain her about my father’s illness and the importance to provide him water. This never happened.

5. The flight was officially cancelled at 21 pm approx. and the AA ground personnel explained that we could request another fight and get the luggage at that moment. AA personnel arranged the booking for Wednesday via Philadelphia (original flight was on Monday), so TWO DAYS WERE LOST. SECOND NEGLIGENCE: The reason of the cancelation was nor clear.

6. Monday June 17, 22pm: AA personnel recommended us to wait there at the baggage reclaim belt # 12 to pick up the luggage. We waited for two hours (12am) and the luggage didn’t show up. We went home. THIRD NEGLIGENCE: no luggage, no medicine for my father, days lost, no AA responses

7. Tuesday June 18, 4am: I contacted AA and they confirmed that the 4 suitcases were at the airport and then, as my father needed the medicines, I drove to the Ronald Reagan airport to pick up them. When I arrived, the AA personnel told me that the 4 suitcases were in CHARLOTTE, as the flight had really left DC at night the previous day. FOURTH NEGLIGENCE: time&money expended for nothing. I was not able to fulfill deadline at my work. Still No medicines for my father.

8. Wednesday, June 19th: Again, we went to the airport with my parents and kids to check in for the flight to Madrid via Philadelphia. (flight # AA 411). The AA personnel confirmed that my father luggage was in the same flight, in order he could pick up the suitcase in Madrid, once he landed. We were also told that the remaining other three suitcases were in Charlotte heading to Madrid. Also, I requested (by phone) a vegetarian menu for my mother but the AA staff at the flight didn’t offer her this menu. FIFTH NEGLIGENCE: no suitcase in Madrid and no vegetarian menu.

9. Thursday, June 20th: They landed in Madrid and waited for my father luggage to be picked up. At Barajas airport, my father was informed that the 4 suitcases were already in Charlotte!!! SIXTH NEGLIGENCE.

10. Wednesday June 26th: the current status is:

– Just one suitcase (my son’s one NOT MY FATHER’s) was delivered in Madrid, without any prior call on June 24th.

– The remaining other three are still in an unknow place.

– I have invested 2 hours per day to call AA baggage claim and EVERY TIME the agents provide a different information/location: Charlotte, Madrid, DC, etc.…

11. Thursday June 27th: Without prior notice, AA have delivered the remaining 3 bags.

I contacted them to fulfill the PASSENGER PROPERTY QUESTIONNAIRE (BPQ) and they have told me that just clothes and basic toilet items are subject to be reimbursed……not medicines, although my father medicines where inside the bag, as he explained, and he had to take the bus, and afford gas, time and effort to see new doctors and request the medicines.

The way this company has treated my family is out of the limits. Old people and kids, travelling alone with serious illness deserve an appropriate customer service.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
A letter of excuse, a return flight in business for my kids and acceptance of the expenses invested in gas and medicines

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