Hertz Complaint

Hertz Complaint

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I have been renting cars to drive for Lyft for over two years now, through Lyft’s Rental Rewards program at a local Pep Boys store. I’ve had various issues with the cars which have all been resolved in a timely manner, ie. Brakes, tires, windshield wipers, etc

On Friday, June 21st, I took my black Hyundai Sonata rental to my Pep Boys to check the brakes. They determined it needed brakes AND tires and told me it would take some time because they needed Hertz’ approval first and suggested Hertz swap me into a different car, which they did. They put me in a gray Hyundai Sonata. I went home to wait to start my Lyft driving night.

At approximately 10 pm that night I went to my gas station, gassed up and started my night. My first ride came in at 10:21 pm. I had 10 more rides after that, then, at 3:01 on Saturday morning, I got a call at LAX which I took. On the way to that passenger’s destination, the car felt like it was stalling and the check engine light began flashing. I completed the ride. Afraid something might be terribly wrong, I went to a gas station and called Hertz’ Roadside Assistance number. They told me they could come to get the car and tow the car to the airport. They said nothing about fixing the car or getting me another car or getting me home from the airport.

I limped the car home from Los Angeles to Garden Grove. The next morning I called Lyft and Hertz support. They both seemed convinced that Pep Boys could fix the car. (The Lyft location and Hertz office at this Pep Boys where I rent from are both closed on weekends.) The Pep Boys’ mechanic read the code and said the code did not tell them what to fix, therefore I was stuck. I can’t drive the car and can’t get another one. I wouldn’t be able to drive on Saturday or Sunday nights. When I got home, I called a Hyundai dealer who told me they could fix it but it would cost me $186.00 to diagnose the problem, plus the cost of repairs.

Now, I’m out 2 days of weekend Lyft driving. It isn’t Lyft’s responsibility to make me whole as it was the Hertz car that failed with no hope of replacement until Monday. I took the car back on Monday and was swapped back into the same black Hyundai Sonata I had before this all started.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I averaged the last 6 Saturday and Sunday nights driving to determine approximately how much money I lost. The Saturday average came out to 15 rides and $150.83. Sundays were 12.4 rides and $145.21. Total money lost was approximately 296.04. This is what I’d like Hertz to do to remedy the situation.

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