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Published on June 28, 2019

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My Wife and I brought over 7 lines of service from Sprint over to Metro PCS on 06/15/19, I was told that my screen protector was free for my Coolpad Legacy 2019 phone and I never got it, and all in a big thanks to the employee Jose taking it out of my hand to place it in a metro by t-mobile bag and I was never to see it placed over my screen to protect it, well a few days later I had put my phone in my pocket and when I went to sit down, it slipped out of my pocket and hit the ground on its face, and guess what happened..the screen broke and I didn’t have it not even a week before my screen was broken and cracked, I have talked to the insurance company and they stated that they don’t even have replacement phones in Coolpad Legacy’s, they wanted to send me a replacement phone of a whole totally different phone, a MotoE4 that isn’t what I paid for or bought at the store and another thing.. the employees who’s names are Jose and April, have set up our accounts with Metro PCS under what they decided to use as a Security Question and the PIN numbers on my account and my wife’s account were set up by the employees, that is illegal and they didn’t even tell me or my wife the information to get into our accounts when we needed to, I had to find out through another Representative that those two used information that they made up from their own mind to add into the system, which is illegal of them to do, we are supposed to make up our own information to get into our accounts ourselves, they added whatever they wanted to them, in which if the other Rep didn’t explain this, we would of never known how to get into our accounts. I would like my Coolpad Legacy phone screen replaced, also I spoke to Assurion Insurance and they told me that they do not have my phone in stock and that I would have to settle for a replacement phone as an MotoE4 as I explained and that isn’t what I picked out in the store for a phone, I would like for someone to contact me to fix this before I go to corporate office and explain all of this to them as well. I can be reached at (210)***-**** name is H**** and the phone is a Coolpad Legacy IMEI […] and I would greatly appreciate if someone would please contact and confirm the information on the replacement of the phone that is broken due to an accident that could have been prevented if he had sent us with the screen protectors for the phones that he said were initially free with those phones, but he never added them to the phones, he let us leave out the store without allowing the phones to have some sort of protection knowing we just bought them there. We explained that we couldn’t buy the cases for the phones right then, since we had spent all of our money by switching over to Metro from Sprint, and my phone slipped out of my pocket when I sat down in my seat and we have tile floors in our home, there was no way to keep the screen from breaking but I know the screen protector would of helped save my screen if Jose had applied the screen protector to my phone and also my daughter’s phone because she got the same one as I did, and those are the only protectors that he had for phones at the time as well, so if he had given me my free screen protector that he claimed to me it was free, then just maybe my screen wouldn’t be broken and cracked!!! Please give a follow up call to discuss the full details of this service provided to my family and I ..about our phones and our accounts. Thank you!

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