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Published on June 28, 2019

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I was sent a Phone with a bad battery. I could not go to the store and ordered it online. Now they want me to take it to a store to have it diagnosed to see if the battery is bad. I’m willing to do that but if the battery is bad I want to return it and get a brand new phone. Because I do not trust them now on their refurbished phones. I don’t want to keep doing this with them. Why wouldn’t they have checked the battery on a refurbished phone with the same diagnosis they’re going to use for my phone when I take it to the store before they shipped it. I think it is fraud. They are trying to say I waited too long but I called them right away and asked them to send me a new phone. I was on crutches and a cast and I could not make it into the store. They told me I had 90 days. It also says that online on their website.

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I want a phone that works or to cancel the contract. I’ve been on hold with sprint for 2 hours at least all together and spent half an hour in the store for them to tell me they couldn’t help me. They could have done that in the first 10 minutes. I want to switch back to ATT

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