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Published on June 30, 2019

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June 13th 2019 I rented a car from Lyft’s rental express… but not really feeling the program I gave the car back on June 17 (4 days later). I was told I was told (also in the agreement) you’ll get your deposit IN FULL if you bring the car back in the same condition. I paid ABOUT $258 on the deposit but only received $120 back. I sent sent an email to Lyft for a wk!!! Saying this

“hi i need someone to call me… I made $85 plus $15 last wk before I turned the car in… plus I have my $257 deposit…

Now I only received $120 & Idk why!?

I only had to do 9 rides before Monday (when I returned the car & they said only the tank had to be a little filled)… so since the fare for the 8 rides was taken & the $15 (lost fee I was given)… where is my deposit return!!??”

I sent this message several times and a representative just called me & said that $100 plus dollars missing from “my returned deposit ” was taken from taxes (in those 4 days)… now I wasn’t told about taxes etc. I was only told about what I made to make to cover my renewal (9 rides).. & about if the car is in perfect shape (it was when returned) I’ll get my deposit back IN FULL. The app I have tells you that as well.

I was told I had to do at least 9 rides to cover the renewal price.

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Refund My deposit back in full.

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