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Published on June 30, 2019

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As a customer, I was in the possession of a very dangerous phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We were encouraged to bring the phone into a corporate location nearby. When I arrived to do so, the gentleman named Michael T**** refused to do so and expressed to his manager that he was not doing the job because that would be way too much work. We were forced to return home without being able to return the phones. When we finally returned the items, it was only because my daughter sustained injuries. He armed was burned and has a permanent scar. We were told that we would not be liable for the phones and that we would receive a refund. We did not receive a refund. Actually, we were given non-working devices LG G7. We do have this device in our possession because the company refused us efforts in returning all the devices after Note 7. Once more we were encouraged to return to T-Mobile to collect on the refund. While doing so, the CS Rep was speaking to someone on the phone and making sarcastic statements about us and our situation. We were humiliated in public view. The staff members left us unattended in the store while the three workers went to their back office. T-Mobile workers called 911 and reported a robbery accusing my husband and cousin. My husband was severely injured and suffers severe pain due to a torn tendon that never repaired properly. The case was dismissed as the video had shown no wrongdoing. These false allegations have caused several injuries. T-Mobile did not care that their staff caused these injuries. We would like to file a suit.

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