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Published on July 1, 2019

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I have been a Comcast customer since 2016 and have never had a billing issue until I moved from one residence to another in April of 2019. My bill increased after every year and when I moved I had decided I’d had enough and called cancel my Comcast services. I spoke with a rep named Roxanne and expressed to her that I was leaving because I did not want to pay $200/month for services and in an effort to retain my business, she promised me Showtime and Starz free for 1 year and she even voluntarily waived my $99 installation fee to move my equipment to my new residence.

Everything went downhill from there:

When I went to pay my May bill in June, they claimed that I was to pay the $99 in $16 installments on each bill which I NEVER AGREED TO. This was to cause in increase in my bill for the next 6 months.

They conned me into this agreement, crediting my first bill $100 even though I was not CHARGED for the installation on that particular bill.

My bill is supposed to be $189/month and Comcast is claiming I owe them $256 for the month of June to pay back what was unpaid for the month I received a credit for services I had not been charged for yet.

When I log into my online account I can NEVER view my billing details to outline my charges. Instead I have to call and a representative talks to me in circles spewing amounts for charges and credits I never agreed to.

My dispute is this:

The representative misrepresented my monthly bill amount in order to retain my business and it was under false pretenses. Comcast continues to add charges to my bill and has implemented charges and changes that I never agreed to.

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