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Published on July 2, 2019

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I’ve been getting the run around since June 2019.

I signed up for ATT internet a few years ago due to the low-income program that you have available through ATT Access. With this being said, I later signed up for U-Verse, everything was fine until I received my bill in April 2019.

In April, I noticed my bill going up so I called in made payment arrangements leaving a balance of $60 no sweat. May, comes around I ask to cancel the service due to no longer being able to afford my bill. I sent my equipment back ending TV service with U-Verse. Keep in mind Mays Bill $249.00 paid in full- Somehow I let a rep convince me back into U-verse after mentioning to her several times that we don’t watch TV and only calling in to confirm that the monitors where received.

After having a tech come out to reinstall my service. I finally decided to watch TV June 11/13- With this being said no channels available I called ATT reset pushed buttons no help. It is what it is June bill paid in full $70- No sweat whatever, July bill comes $280- I’m thrown on the floor dazed and confused whooped and defeated by my cable bill. Call ATT to get the run around no help- one rep waves $85/90 in fees bringing my bill to $122- Boom… I go to watch TV the end of JUNE no channels again… I call ATT I get frustrated and upset- I tell the rep just cancel my service please- Rep tells me to call back in an hour the last rep has your account open and I can’t pull it up…

With all of this being said I call July 1, 2019. To request that U-Verse be canceled- This rep was helpful and knowledgeable and had basically summed it up in one phone call that I’ve somehow locked myself into a 12-month contract- Okay Yousef, no sweet what do I need to do to end the contract… Yousef advised me that I had to pay about $165- Fine let’s make the payment and move on- Sure but you’ll pay $30 in August- Me highly upset- not knowing why my bill continues to go up… I advised Yousef to leave the service as is until I contact the corporate office

I just want to cancel U-Verse PLEASE- I’ve paid for my service however, I fill as if I’m being bullied by customer service into keeping my U-Verse service… I paid July bill in full still confused about the additional fees

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