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Published on July 3, 2019

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I paid to have my professional Tripod shipped as baggage to my final destination. after arriving at my final destination part of my tripod (the most expensive part) had been unscrewed and removed. The bag that it was shipped in was ripped open and I am now left with part of a tripod. The head that was stolen was worth no less than 800-$1000. When I entered a claim with AA they said because it was shipped in a plastic bag (like a car seat) they would not reimburse me anything. They said I must ship items in containers that can withstand the riggers of baggage transports. My claim is that I had shipped it this way many times before and this instance clearly shows negligence. There is no machine in the world that I know of that can physically reach under my tripod legs and unscrew a 1 inch screw to remove a tripod head. This is clearly what happened and I want to be reimbursed for my loss.

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Pay me to replace my tripod head. I can replace it with a used one in the same condition for $800.

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