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Published on July 5, 2019

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Watch out! The fine print of the agreement you MUST sign to rent anything from this company indicates that they may charge you a $50 late fee per item that THEY CLAIM was returned late. They do not have to support their claim that an item was returned late and you will not be able to get any shipping information to prove you returned something on time because the pre-paid label is provided by Rent the Runway and they have all of the shipping information, (which they will refuse to provide you with).

They charged two of the bridesmaids in my wedding a total of $2,200 in late fees! I had three different conversations with three different customer service reps for this company. All 3 basically just kept restating that this is the company’s practice to do this and they have no obligation to back up their claim that an item was returned late. And yes, they will charge 3 times the value of the dress, and no, they don’t have to support their stated value of the dress, and no you may not have the dress that you just paid $1,000 for.

I don’t believe the positive reviews are legitimate, (probably posted by the company), and I urge you to read the reviews from the many customers that have had this happen to them before you hand over your credit card information to this company.

My daughter made a recording of her conversation with one of the customer service employees. So, I heard her explaining that Rent the Runway had the wrong email address for her so she had not received a return label or any of the notifications. She pretty much begged the woman to do something about the $890 the company charged her debit card without her knowledge. She is a college student and this action by Rent the Runway meant that her bill payments were returned unpaid, fees racked up…The attitude of the customer service rep was astounding. I am not exaggerating when I say she was gleeful about the fact that there was nothing my daughter could do about any of this because my daughter had agreed to the company’s terms when she rented her dress.I have never had an experience this bad with any company.

– 06-25-2018

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