AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on July 6, 2019

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So after learning that the compay added a fee to my account which increased my bill, I requested to have my account cancelled with no penalities as this is what it says in my contract. This was after trying to get out of the account after the company kept promising me a line of real internet with wifi capabilities but when I went to pick up the equipment from the store the employees let me know I was getting the same thing with the same type of service the second time that I had the first time which was a mobile hotspot which is a huge difference from high speed internet service with wifi abilities. I cancelled my autopay but yet they kept running the bill through the last 2 months, and then had some strange checking account that supposedly paid the entire final bill but that bounced, I didn’t make that payment it was not from an account linked to me or the other person I had on my account so I have no idea where this payment came from and this was the 2nd time this had happened to us since we had been with the company, the first time being right before Christmas of 2018 and when I called to question the payment I was told the payment had posted so if they were me they would just accept someone paying my bill well the next month that payment was returned and we had a giant ass bill to pay so basically from February until services were shut off I paid any and all extra money to at&t to try to pay for the returned payment I didn’t make, and then noticed my normal was getting higher every month. This is kinda crappy seeing as we had 5 lines of service with them, 2 phones, 2 smartwatches, and the supposed high speed internet that was actually nothing but a mobile hotspot.

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