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Published on July 8, 2019

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Added phone service to my Spectrum internet account in August 2018 & was shipped a box to do a self install. The instructions were confusing. I ended up having to call in & have someone walk me through the service installation. I was away from the home until October of 2018. This was in late November of 2018. I called within a week to request a credit for the approximately 3 months phone service was inactive. I was told the request for credit had been submitted & Spectrum would either contact me to let me know when the refund will be applied to my account or it would just be in my account within 6 to 8 weeks. I did a chat a couple months later after not seeing the credit and whoever I spoke with in the chat told me they found the notations but she had no idea why the credit hadn’t been applied. So I waited some more, I called today and was told there is no history, no notes of any credit being promised.” I also told them they should be able to see that the phone wasn’t even first used until late November and she said we don’t track usage. If they don’t track usage, they say with phone service, why are there different plans for phone service? One that includes a certain amount of minutes per month for international calls to certain countries? Otherwise, how do they know when people make an international call? That said, I was also told they have no record of me calling in to have the phone service activated, no record of me calling in for a credit. I was told they would not be issuing me a credit because and I quote , “you should have called in to activate the service sooner.” Excuse me????

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