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Published on July 8, 2019

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Directv says that I am under a contract that I was not aware of. I was never told that I was under a new contract period

I signed up for Directv service in April 2016 and agreed to a 24 month contract that ran until April 2018. In November of 2018 I had a connection box with Directv quit working so I called technical support and they dispatched a technician to my home with a new box. I asked when I called if this obligated me in any way to a new contract period and the associate told me it did not. I also asked the technician when he came to my house to swap the equipment if this obligated me to a contract period and he told me it did not. I did not get any kind of equipment upgrade, just a replacement box. I asked to make sure this was not going to put me in a contract period. Directv now says that they sent me an e-mail after my appointment that stated I was in a new contract period of 24 months. I never got this and would have called them immediately to correct this had I known. I called Directv today to cancel service and that is when I learned they said I was under a contract. I asked this to be waived since I was unaware and they would not even discuss waiving the cancellation charges for the remaining contract period. I feel this is not good business practice and is in bad faith. As a consumer I should be made fully aware when a new contract period starts. It can’t be done by e-mail or by a small print contract that is hard to understand. I have always paid my bills but I am not paying this fee. I cancelled my service but I wanted to file a complaint because I feel this is predatory and irresponsible on the part of DIRECTV/AT&T. Please investigate and stop this from happening to someone else. This is a bully tactic.

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