Verizon Wireless Complaint

Published on July 8, 2019

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I cancelled my service on October 13, 2018. The company continued to charge me in October and November of 2018, for a total of 307.31. I contacted the customer service agents and said that it was possible that I owed Verizon maybe $30 for the remainder of October, but I certainly did not owe for November, and asked them to modify the bill. They did not. They argued that I had only cancelled two lines, not a third. First, I simply cancelled my service in the conversation of October 13, 2018. I ported two lines to other carriers. I did not know a third line existed, because I had cancelled the third line some six months to one year earlier. But I said I wanted to cancel my account, not that I wanted to cancel two lines. Furthermore, Verizon owes me a refund if they were charging me for a third line because I had cancelled the third line months earlier. I regret I do not know the exact date I cancelled the third line, but it was when my daughter was in sixth grade and by October 13, 2018 she was in seventh grade, so it was at least six months earlier.

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