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Published on July 10, 2019

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Speeds not as promised and have called at least 15 times to get this resolved. Each time I get a different answer or possible cause of the speed delays. I have paid for 5Gen High Speed internet they advertised at 25MPS and am luck if I get 1-3 MPS even on the off-peak hours. No matter what I search, look up, watch videos or just surfing the web the speeds are always the same consistent very slow dragging speeds that sometimes doesn’t even load my pages. When my High Speed data is used up (I get 30 GB/month) I still have internet as always but the speeds are exactly the same as when I had the 30 GB of high speed and sometimes even faster. I was told that my satellite points towards Nevada where it picks up the signal and I’m in VA, or that I must be living near industrial plants or heavy equipment operation which is not true as I live in the country with nobody and nothing around me. I pay $125.00 a month for crap and let them know that. I’ve been through every troubleshooting step they have provided and nothing works, but while on the phone they will adjust settings and my internet will be fast until i get off the phone then back to crap again. I cannot watch a 380p video without letting it buffer for 30 minutes and Hughes Net promises they automatically adjust your video quality settling so you don’t experience any lag while streaming or watching videos. I can’t get through a 30 second video at 380p without 20 minutes of buffering. I am tired of paying this high price for something that is not as advertised nor promised. I have not left Hughes Net because this is all that’s offered in my area and I need internet at my home.

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