MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

Published on July 10, 2019

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I bought a phone and new service on June 27. Since the first day I have had them the service has been terrible! My internet might as well be non exsitant, phone calls get dropped or the person on the other end can’t hear me! I have been calling their customer service repeatedly on a nearly daily basis because of this issue. Then on the 10th I was told by their customer service on the phone about their “metro promise” and was told i qualified for it due to having my phone for less then 30 days. The “metro promise” is a program they offer where I could have gotten a free phone upgrade due to the issues I have been having. But when I went into the authorized metro dealer I bought my phone from, I was told it was only good for 7 days not 30 like I was informed by the c.s.r. ! I was 3 days over when I was informed about the program so now I’m stuck with the same issues still being forced to wait for 3 to 5 business days, hoping that they will finally get this issue fixed! While the whole time I’m barely able to use the internet to Google anything. I can’t watch movies, play games, download anything, or even look at stuff on Amazon or letgo! Hell, when I try to open up Facebook messanger, the phone kicks me out of the app repeatedly before I can finally use it! Now I will tell you, I was a customer of metro PC’s in the past and even back then I had horrible service. But back then I was using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 that was unlocked, which is what they would always blame the problem with the service on. Claiming the phone didn’t work well with their service. But now I bought and am using a Alcatel 7 which is specifically a metro exclusive phone. And I am still having the same issues as back then! I’m sick of the BS and lies from metro! Before when they were still metro pcs I was supposed to be able to get a free phone upgrade, just like metro by tmobile offers. But to be able to do that you have to go to a corporate store to upgrade the phone. Problem is is that THERE ARE NO CORPORATE METRO STORES IN WASHINGTON! so how is metro by t mobile going to fulfill that promise?

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