Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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SPRINT has been ripping me off for years. I have tried numerous times to go into multiple stores and talk to customer service on line and some how have managed to charge me for more then 4 devices that are years old and not even working. It makes no since and i have tried to handle this my self and they still charge me hundreds of dollars that is wrong. My dad died this winter and i went to take off the tablet i had on my account for him and som ehow its still on there and I’m still paying. I had an I pad air that was stolen 6 years ago and its still on there saying I’m paying for it.

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I would a refund of the charges they have wrongfully been charging me. I want all of the devices that are not active off my bill and i want to STOP paying for them. And i want an in-depth explanation of how they could validate any of these decisions that they have made for me over the last 6 years. They are not in it for the customer service they don’t care at all.

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