T-Mobile Complaint

T-Mobile Complaint

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In the month of April 2019, T Mobile had a promotion of buying one phone, add a second line and get a second phone for free. With excitement I called Tmobile for the wonderful off. In the process of the agent processing my product, the agent admitted he made an error which in any case it was not a big deal because mistakes do happen. Although I was on hold for more than two hours, I was in expectant of getting the issue resolved. After four hours the agent was not able to rectify the problem. My account was charged of 154.00 amounted to 456multiple times, because their system still assumes I wanted three lines instead of two lines. I have called serval times since for Tmobile to rectify this issue. I spoken with different agents whom advices to return the third phone in which I return when it was mailed back to me. They then advice to return to a Tmobile shop which they themselves routed as a Tmobile shop in Scenic hwy, GA. Afte

Aside the multiple charge of assumed three account set up, there’s also a monthly deduction of 232.50 instead of 150. for two lines. I have been jumped from many supervisors agents all promising to resolve, but none. I have also requested for documentation of my conversations since the upgrade, but they have not been able to send the documentation.

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