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Published on July 13, 2019

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Dodge Enterprises is suing me for 15k+ for a student loan debt from Miami International University of Art & Design, for-profit school which was owned at the time of my enrollment by EDMC, a company which was given a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice for fraudulent admissions practices of which I was a victim as a student. Dodge Enterprises had bought the student debt which was originated by PNC Bank, bank with which I originally signed, after being directed to sign that loan by the fraudulent financial aid department in the University. Also, the University enrolled me with a very low GPA. Right now, April 2019, even after submitting documents pertaining to my case, such as the settlement between US Dept. of Justice and EDMC, and correspondence proof between me and the University, the judge has issued a final judgement in favor of Dodge Enterprises, and I urgently need a person from the US Department of Justice or any pertinent entity to send me something authoritative that I can show to judge Luis Perez-Medina, judge in the North Dade Justice Center, County Civil Division, since it is precisely the US Dept of Justice who handled the EDMC case. I have filed pro se. Thank you. P**** P**** Ph: 954-***-****.

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Give Dodge Enterprises their money back, as PNC Bank sold an invalid loan to them.

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