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Published on July 15, 2019

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First time they gave me a car with expired registration and the police took it and I went to jail and the charges was dismissed.

Second time they gave me a car for two days and I returned it but I wanted to switch it and stay in the same contract. They gave me the car they never told me when to return it or that it was a new contract. They sent a letter home saying I cannot drive the car no more said my mother and scaring all my family and I was far away in a trip when my mother told me.

They guy who gave me the car never asked to sign any contract. And the “lady” I talked on the phone said he was trying to contact me because he forgot to give me the paper to sing the new contract which it was for 4 day. He made the contract without me and the “lady” said the bill will come home. When I returned the car they never gave me a receipt or charged me any money.

I left and Is when I called the “lady” to tell her I returned the car in a different location and to if she could call that location to let them know I forgot my belongings and $610.00 she said she was going to do it and to go pickup latter I went to the location I even had to call the police because they was very defensive about me asking for the money. They told the police they didn’t wanted to talk to me because of returning the car they thought it was stolen and they didn’t wanted to talk to me and I left.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
To give me $5,000,000. To not do it again with anyone because I was in danger of being stopped by the police and taken to jail for stolen cars.

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