Optimum by Altice Complaint

Published on July 16, 2019

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A technician came and took my router because it wasn’t working and I’m being told I have to pay $80 even though I was told it was free when I called.

I recently sent them this message which is a 1000 character description of what I’ve gone through:

Give me back the $80 you owe me + free service for a month to reconcile the time I’ve wasted talking to your criminally negligent customer service supervisors. Having spoken to 5 supervisors, 4 of which promised me calls back and 0 of which made an effort to reach out after promising account reviews; I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they’ve either been trained to forget their promises or are inept at their jobs. You have literally made my life a hell over the past 2 weeks. I was lied to by a rep. It’s on tape. That alone is enough for a refund. I have told everyone I know how evil you are to your customers. This could’ve been resolved in 1 call but the continued run around has made me a pubically call out Travis – ID KB1, Elvis – J7M, Vanessa – KDB, and the others who unconvincingly tried to hoodwink me into thinking that a repair that was required due to optimum’s negligence was my fault. But you don’t care because cable companies conspire to leaving me with no other options

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