Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

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Service Rep: Jared Bautista. Jared sold me on a home security system and said I could cancel at any time and i could ship back their product. IE: Internet Router for ISPs.

When trying to cancel, I had no idea I was signed into a 5 year contract with Vivint and was unable to cancel. Filed with the BBB to complain and was unable to get my account cancelled due to the contract.

The equipment Vivint installed worked for about a week before everything started glitching. After months of dealing with Vivint I eventually gave up and decided to buyout the contract to save my credit score. When cancelling, I followed all of the procedures and when I called about my cancellation that was sent in via email, they said it would take 30 days to process my cancellation. I was charged 2 days after I sent in my cancellation another 37 dollar fee and that is when I decided I had enough of this company. When I removed my equipment after canceling, I discovered the Vivint Technician placed massive drill holes. I am a renter and those holes will cost me a lot of money.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
To fix the problem, I would like Vivint to refund every cent they have received from me.

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