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Published on July 17, 2019

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Hertz was taking money out of my checking account even before I returned the rental. The amount I owed them, 2100, was paid in full. I know this because I called my bank that day and they verified my payment. On July 15th, Hertz billed me again for 2100 dollars and took that money from my account. I called them today and they verified they had double billed me. They said they can send me a check for this discrepancy in 3-5 business days. In the meantime. I have a negative checking account balance which I’m paying fees for. I have bills to be paid through automated checking which won’t be paid. And I will accrue these late payment fees because of Hertz. In addition , I was put on hold for over an hour trying to resolve this situation.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund and compensation for fees incurred due to the incompetence displayed by this company. I want Hertz to publicly acknowledge their mistakes and apologize. I feel this company engages in this practice frequently. And makes quite a profit by taking customers money, banking it and collecting interest before returning the money they stole.

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